Cerberus FTP Server Licensing Overview


Commercial use of any version of Cerberus FTP Server requires buying a license. A single license entitles a user to install Cerberus FTP Server on one machine and includes your first year of technical support and access to all product upgrades (known as your Service Agreement) for your purchased edition.

Licensing Overview


How Do I Purchase and Activate My License?

  1. Purchase a specific edition of Cerberus FTP Server
  2. Check your email for your license code
  3. Enter your license code via these steps to turn the trial version of Cerberus FTP Server into a fully licensed version of your purchased edition (no new installation is necessary).

Do You Offer Non-Production Licenses?

Yes. You may purchase licenses for backup, staging, testing, disaster recovery and other installations at a 50% discount during the checkout process.

How Does Licensing Work for Virtual Machines?

If multiple virtual computers are running on a single computer, we require each virtual computer to have a distinct, valid license.

Can I Upgrade/Downgrade to a Different Edition?

Yes, by following the steps below.

For upgrades, you will not need to request a new license key, and you will receive a complimentary year added on to your Service Agreement.


Support Overview


What Support Does My License Include?

Each license includes a one-year Service Agreement that incudes unlimited technical support as well as access to all product upgrades for your purchased edition.

At checkout, you may also increase the term of your Service Agreement up to five years from the date of purchase.

How Does My Service Agreement Renew?

You have several options:

  • Automatically: At checkout, you may set your Service Agreement to automatically renew at your selected term. Doing so will send you a new license key at that time.
  • Manually: Prior to your Service Agreement’s expiration, you may manually renew when contacted regarding your renewal. Doing so will send you a new license key at the time of renewal.

For renewal questions, please contact our customer operations team.

Will Cerberus FTP Server Stop Working if I Don’t Renew My Service Agreement?

Cerberus FTP Server sells perpetual licenses, which means that the software itself will not expire. However, once your Service Agreement expires you will lose the ability to update to new versions or access support.

How Do I Renew an Expired Service Agreement?

You can renew your Service Agreement on an existing license of Cerberus FTP Server at any time. Once your agreement expires, please send us a quote request and we will walk you through the renewal process. Note that additional service charges may be applied depending on the length of time between expiration and renewal.