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Advanced Security

Mission-critical, scalable data transfer protection

Cerberus FTP Server Rogue Transfer Detection from JSCAPE Monitor

Rogue File Transfer Detection & Shutdown

Through integration with JSCAPE by Redwood, Cerberus FTP Server’s Enterprise Plus Edition offers the ability to continually scan multiple hosts for any transfer activity outside of known services. Set email alerts for any rogue transfer attempts and shut down attempted breaches before they start.

  • Scan hosts by IP or CIDR address
  • Customizable threading and connection timeouts
  • Scan via automated schedule or manually
  • Email alerts

Performance Testing

Check the health of your file transfer environment on a manual or automated basis via load testing. Identify and resolve potential stress points in file transfer before they affect live operations.

  • Monitor availability and performance of file transfer services
  • Test performance of file transfer services under heavy load
  • Schedule automated performance monitors
  • Receive customized email alerts
Cerberus FTP Server JSCAPE Monitor Performance Testing
Cerberus FTP Server JSCAPE Monitor Automated Network Scanning

Automated Network Scanning

Easily configure automated network health checks in order to evaluate critical areas of your MFT Server and Gateway:


  • Environment health
  • Security health
  • Database health

Upgrade & Migration Support

Scaling up your file transfer operations? Moving from a different solution? Let Cerberus’s award-winning support team help you with complimentary upgrade and migration support. Available in our Enterprise Plus Edition

Cerberus FTP Server AWS Azure Load Testing
Cerberus FTP Server's Synchronization Manager for Disaster Recovery

Non-Production Licenses

Each Enterprise Plus production license includes a non-production license that your organization can use for disaster recovery, testing or development purposes, along with 24/7/365 severity 1 support and remote consultations to help you set up and configure your environment.

Full Feature List

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Advanced Security

SSH, SSL, FIPS 140-2

MFT Automation

Event, Alert & Sync Tools

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Windows Server, Cloud & Virtual

Access Protection

IP, User & Protocol Restriction Tools

Account Management

AD, LDAP, 2FA, SSO & More

Auditing and Reporting

File Access, User and Admin Logging

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Administration Tools

API, Sync Manager, & Other Tools

HTTPS Web Portal

Browser-Based Transfer from Any Device

Monitoring & Testing

Automated Network, Load and Access Testing

Regulatory Compliance

Auditing, Retention, & Encryption Tools

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Award-Winning Support

Phone, Email, & 24/7/365

Industry-Focused Solutions

Cerberus FTP Server supports a wide range of industry and professional needs. Enhance data security, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Uncompromising Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

Top rated FTP Server for over 20 years
Unwavering dedication to security and compliance
Consistent product updates and security patches
World-class, experienced, US-based support via phone or email
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