Scope Of Support

We’re dedicated to providing world-class customer support. No matter the size of your organization, you have access to our support team and online knowledgebase. 

Our in house team of file transfer experts, based in Arlington, Virginia, rank high in customer satisfaction. Last year our customer satisfaction score average was 95% based on Zendesk survey results. 

Our extensive online knowledge base is available 24/7 to all customers at no additional cost.

The following document outlines the scope of support for Cerberus FTP Server. 

During the term of your service agreement, we will provide you with:

  • Expert-level guidance and troubleshooting for you in connection with questions and issues arising from the installation and use of Cerberus FTP Server
  • Bug fixes and issue resolution
  • Access to major and minor releases

Support Eligibility


Cerberus provides technical support for customers with a current support agreement. 

Support is provided for a minimum of one year from your date of purchase. If you purchased additional service agreement years upfront, your service agreement expiration will end on the date listed in the license email and in the Cerberus GUI. 

If you have renewed a service agreement contract (you can renew up to 5 years at a time) the expiry date will be listed on your license email and in the Cerberus GUI. Please refer to our licensing page for more information.

Technical Support Information

Support Hours

Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET except for US Federal holidays and other closings*

We do not provide after-hours support. 


Phone: +1 (703) 372-9750
Request a Quote:

*Other Closings

An official closing may occur due to severe weather conditions, company events, or other unforeseen circumstances. During official closings, email and phone support is not available. We will respond to all requests once office hours have resumed.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We do not have an official SLA in place but we attempt to answer all requests during our support hours within an hour. While we work hard to provide prompt support, situations such as third party tools or telecommunication services being down could cause a delay in response.

Feature Requests

Visit our forums to request new features or suggest modifications to existing features. Please visit our FAQ for our feature request guidelines.

Types of support


We want to help you get back up and running. Our support team will work diligently to investigate all reported issues to ensure that it is not caused by an error or incorrect configuration in the application. We can support you in several ways: 

Phone Support 

Support is available for over-the-phone assistance for Cerberus FTP Server at the numbers and times explained above.  Home and Personal Edition customers do not have access to phone support.

Email Support

Support via email is available for all eligible customers, including Home Edition users, between 9 am – 5 pm Eastern time, Monday-Friday except for US Federal holidays, and other closings*.

Online Help

Instead of having to open a support ticket, you can use our self-help resources to provide you with quick and accurate answers. Our extensive online help covers everything you would need to know about Cerberus. 

Remote Assistance

On occasion, the support team may initiate a remote session for the purpose of troubleshooting the application if appropriate. These sessions are initiated by the Support Engineer applying best judgment into determining the best approach for resolving your issue. If a remote session is started, the customer will be responsible for controlling the session and making any suggested application changes at their discretion.

Versions of Supported Products Covered by Cerberus Support

Supported Versions

Cerberus will provide support only for the versions specified on our Life Cycle Fact Sheet. Changes to supported versions will be announced in advance through notifications sent by email (if you have signed up for our newsletter) and as posted on our website. 

End of Life

Cerberus will keep an up to date list of supported versions and End-of-Life schedules on the Cerberus Support site:

Platforms Supported

Cerberus supports the use of our products only on the platforms (Hardware and Operating Systems) specified on the Minimum System Requirements page. Cerberus will maintain a list of these platform requirements, on the Cerberus Support site:

What does support include?

Technical Support 


Our support team will provide support and advice on:

  • Basic overview of product functions
  • Product configuration
  • Diagnosing/Troubleshooting errors generated by the Cerberus application
  • Errors that occur when attempting to connect 
  • Review Cerberus logs to determining if the issue is, or is not, related to Cerberus

Upgrades and Migrations

Answering questions about upgrade methods and hardware requirements.

Resolving any application errors that may occur during upgrades or migrations.

3rd Party Product Integration

There are many applications and products you can use to connect to Cerberus. The support team will provide support for establishing a connection between Cerberus and an external tool, where we have experience. Any configuration or troubleshooting assistance of products outside of Cerberus FTP Server is not supported.

API Support 


Our online guide gives developers a single location to find the examples and documentation you need to administer Cerberus using SOAP. 

Support can provide some basic guidance. However, support does not assist with writing, planning, or debugging any custom code. 

What Support Excludes:


The following are excluded from Cerberus Support:

  • The configuration of 3rd party Devices and Applications: Our support team provides assistance with the configuration of the Cerberus application only. 
  • Upgrade Monitoring: Our support team will provide assistance on the resolution of errors, but are unable to dedicate a resource to monitor the process executed through the upgrade.
  • Out of date software: We generally provide support for each major release as specified on our Life Cycle Fact Sheet.  Any version of Cerberus Software for which support services have been discontinued will not be supported. 
  • File Recovery: The recovery of Damaged/Deleted files are not supported. 
  • Custom Code/Scripts: Support does not assist with writing, planning, or debugging any custom code or scripts.
  • System/Server administration activities: While we may propose our best practices approaches and offer advice based upon general knowledge, assistance falls outside the scope of support. This includes configuration of SQL Server, firewalls, the Windows environment (Windows KBs, Hotfixes, patches), 3rd party applications including security suites (anti-virus), and network settings.
  • Altered or modified Cerberus Software: Unless altered or modified by Cerberus or as defined in the Admin Guide or Online Help. 
  • Improper Use: Defects in the Cerberus Software due to hardware malfunction, abuse, or improper use.
  • Training/Professional Services: We do not provide training or professional services regarding the basic operation of the application. Our support page should address the most common issues that are directly supported by us. We strongly encourage our customers to use this extensive resource to not only seek support but also to become more familiar with our product. 
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