About Us

We’re transforming the world of complex file server software with an intuitive, secure and easy-to-use file transfer solution.

Startup Culture

Fast, flexible, and constantly innovating.  We’re a close knit team working together on a sustainable, growing software business.

Forward Thinking

We’re constantly listening to our customers and innovating better solutions to hard secure file transfer problems.

Problem Solvers

We know secure file transfer, and we’re experts at understanding customer issues and solving complex technical challenges.

Customer Support

Guess what?  We don’t outsource our technical support.  Your emails and calls go directly to our team in Arlington, VA.

Our Story

Cerberus is focused on solving customer secure file transfer needs with Cerberus FTP Server, our secure file transfer server for Windows. Cerberus FTP Server is designed for the demanding IT professional, but to be quickly and easily accessible to administrators.

Our growth and success are a result of creating an intuitive, easy-to-use product with the features you need to get the job done. Paired with our dedicated in-house specialists, Cerberus FTP Server is ready to support your secure file sharing needs. Cerberus is Part of Redwood Software, the leader in full stack automation for mission-critical business processes.

We serve 10,000+ customers in several industries:

  • Technology, Internet & Electronics 35% 35%
  • Finance & Financial Services 20% 20%
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals 15% 15%
  • Government and Education 10% 10%
  • Manufacturing 8% 8%
  • Other 12% 12%

Meet some of the team behind Cerberus

Dana Anderson

Application Support Manager

Dawn Barnes

 Revenue Support Lead


Lorran Lewis

Team Coordinator


Kristin Nelson

Head of Customer Operations

Jeff Scott

Lead Application Support Engineer


Alissa McGuire

Chief of Staff


Ian Butteriss

Sr. Application Support Engineer


Kelly Murase Hart

Senior Sales Operations Specialist


Pat Mills

Sr. Principal Software Engineer

Cindy Carmack

Director of Product Marketing


Vincent Drake

Lead Software Engineer

Paul Harada

Senior Software Engineer

Grant Averett

Founder and CEO


Mukunda Satchidanand

Full Stack Java Developer


Ron Hagag

Product Lead


Juan Padilla

Solutions Engineer


Christina Meyer

Revenue Support Specialist


Connor Woolfolk

Application Support Engineer

Joshua Orange

Sales Operations Manager

Certified as a Great Place to Work!

We’re proud to be recognized as an official great place to work by the Great Place to Work team, a global authority on workplace culture. We’ve spent 20 years building an engaged, empowered team, and are excited to have you join us. Learn more on our careers page.

Cerberus is a certified great place to work!
Cerberus FTP Server is a Great Place to Work

Here’s what our team says makes Cerberus a great workplace

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