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Virtual Directories

Cerberus FTP Server offers a virtual directory system allowing the administrator to attach any directory or drive to a user account’s root folder. Having a virtual directory (VD) gives administrators the ability to customize user account permissions to designated folders.

A virtual directory gives the benefit of accessibility as it appears through client browsers as though it’s within the user’s root directory. With a virtual directory, you never have to specify (or know) the storage device it is on thanks to the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) share location.

Simple Virtual Directory Mode

Standard Virtual Directory Mode

Virtual Directory Security

Security settings can be specified for each virtual directory, and all sub-directories under that VD inherit the same security settings. The VD and the file path can have an alias to hide it’s true location and route.

There are 2 modes that a user account can operate in with respect to the virtual file system for a truly custom experience.

Simple Virtual Directory Mode

The benefit of simple virtual directory mode is that the administrator can isolate a user to one directory as it only assigns one directory to represent the virtual directory for that user. Instead of that directory being seen as a sub-directory off of the root, the virtual directory selected will be the directory the user is placed in when they first log into the server. In other words, the directory selected as the virtual root directory will be the root directory. A user account is placed in simple directory mode by selecting the Is Simple Directory checkbox. 

Standard Virtual Directory Mode

With standard mode (the Is Simple Directory option is unchecked), the administrator may attach as many directories to a user account as desired. The directories selected will appear as sub-directories off of the root directory when the designated user logs into the server.

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  • FTP/S Server
  • SOAP control API
  • IP auto-banning
  • User groups
  • Web administration
  • Virtual directories

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  • SFTP server 
  • AD/LDAP integration
  • FIPS-140-2
  • Public key authentication
  • Client certificate verification
  • Server replication

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  • MFT server
  • HTTPS web client
  • Event automation
  • Email alerts
  • File retention policies
  • Ad-hoc sharing

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Here’s what a few of our many satisfied customers have to say about Cerberus FTP Server.

“Our users have found Cerberus to be straightforward.  We have handled many service tickets over the past three years, and Cerberus has had the least number of issues, by far.”

James Fayson

IT Service Owner, PACE, OASIS, Duke Health Technology Solutions

“We’ve been using Cerberus for at least five years, and it’s been awesome. Everything’s been very simple and easy, and we haven’t come across any limitations. It always just seems to work.”

Jake Cloward

Support Manager, Companion Corporation

“It’s not designed to be complicated, and it doesn’t need to be managed. I can hire someone new and they can be up to speed in minutes. Everyone on the team loves it.”

Tim Klein

Systems Administrator, Netalytics/Methasoft

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