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Easily backup and update your Cisco Unified Communications Manager with Cerberus FTP Server.

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SFTP Server for CUCM Backup

Cerberus FTP Server’s SFTP features provide the ideal environment for creating CUCM backups. Cerberus can keep your backup files stored securely and transfer them to the connected CUCM’s Disaster Recovery System via automated file transfer events if a failure occurs. 

Tested for Compatibility

The Cerberus support team has personally purchased and tested the most common Cisco hardware to ensure CUCM backup compatiblity.

Automated Backup and Recovery

Cerberus’s file transfer automation tools make CUCM backup and recovery effortless.

SCP Server for Cisco Firmware Updates

Cerberus FTP Server’s SCP transfer feature enables fast, encrypted firmware updates for CUCM or other devices. 

Secured via SSH

SCP by default is more secure than TFTP, and does not require the addition of additional security.

Ideal for Local-to-Remote Transfer

SCP is ideal for moving files between local and remote hosts due to its security and lack of file manipulation and direct command ability.

Advanced Security Options in Cerberus FTP Server

CUCM Backup Server Resources

We pride ourselves on world-class support, starting before you ever purchase a license. You can review some of Cerberus FTP Server’s CUCM backup server resources here.

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Full Feature List

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Advanced Security

SSH, SSL, FIPS 140-2

MFT Automation

Event, Alert & Sync Tools

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Windows Server, Cloud & Virtual

Access Protection

IP, User & Protocol Restriction Tools

Account Management

AD, LDAP, 2FA, SSO & More

Auditing and Reporting

File Access, User and Admin Logging

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Administration Tools

API, Sync Manager, & Other Tools

HTTPS Web Portal

Browser-Based Transfer from Any Device

Monitoring & Testing

Automated Network, Load and Access Testing

Regulatory Compliance

Auditing, Retention, & Encryption Tools

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Award-Winning Support

Phone, Email, & 24/7/365

Industry-Focused Solutions

Cerberus FTP Server supports a wide range of industry and professional needs. Enhance data security, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Uncompromising Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

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Unwavering dedication to security and compliance
Consistent product updates and security patches
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