Active Directory Authentication

Cerberus FTP Server Professional and Enterprise editions are able to authenticate users against a domain’s Active Directory database. Active Directory is a logical grouping of users and computers in a Windows domain, centrally managed by servers called domain controllers.

Configuring Cerberus to use Active Directory authentication simply requires enabling Active Directory authentication, and specifying the name of the domain to authenticate against. Users are able to login to the server over FTP, SSH SFTP, or through the HTTP/S web client, using the same username and password they use to log into their workstations on the domain. For the purpose of access to files and folders, the user has the same access as the Active Directory user with the same name. All operations on the server by the user are carried out while impersonating the Active Directory user so you can be sure NTFS permissions are applied correctly.

AD User Administrative Page

What do I need to use Active Directory Authentication?

A Windows Domain Controller running Active Directory. The server running Cerberus FTP Server does not have to be a domain controller and the server can be installed on any machine that is a member of the domain.

If you wish to authentication against an Active Directory domain without being a member of the domain (for example, a server in the DMZ), you can use LDAP authentication to authenticate your users.