Miscellaneous Settings

Configuring Miscellaneous Settings

The miscellaneous settings page contains options that don’t fit well into any other category.

Miscellaneous settings - for the options that don’t fit into any other category

Miscellaneous Settings Page of the Server Manager

FTP Directory Listing Time Format

This setting determines the time zone format for the file list returned in response to the LIST and NLST commands. Most clients expect dates and times to be UTC format.

  • Universal Time (UTC) – The default, send file date/time in UTC format.
  • Local Time – Send file date/time in local time.

FTP MDTM Time Format

The FTP command, MODIFICATION TIME (MDTM), can be used to determine when a file in the server file system was last modified. This command has existed in many FTP servers for many years, as an adjunct to the REST command for STREAM mode. As a result, this command is widely available.

This command is also frequently used in a non-standard fashion to set file modification times. Cerberus supports both the standard MDTM command for retrieving file times and the non-standard use for setting the date/time on a file.

NOTE: Setting dates and times requires FTP client support. There is often a setting that has to be enabled in many FTP clients before an uploaded or downloaded file will have its date/time set. Consult your FTP client documentation on how to enable this setting. Cerberus automatically supports setting a file date/time without any additional configuration.

  • Universal Time (UTC) – Most FTP clients expect the MDTM command to process date/time values in UTC format and this is the default. Selecting this option will cause Cerberus to interpret and send dates in UTC format.
  • Local Time – Interpret and send dates in local time (not RFC compliant).
  • Set Modification Time – When clients attempt to use the non-standard MDTM extension to set a date/time for a file, this setting determines whether the file modification time will be set
  • Set Access Time – When clients attempt to use the non-standard MDTM extension to set a date/time for a file, this setting determines whether the file access time will be set

FTP Compression

Cerberus FTP Server 5.0 and higher support MODE Z compression for FTP directory listings, uploads and downloads.

  • Allow MODE Z Compression – If checked, MODE Z compression will be enabled for clients that request it.
  • Disable Compression on Local Network (Recommended) – The benefits of compression on the local network can often times be outweighed by the time it takes to compress that data. It is recommended that compression be disabled for local network connections.


These are settings that don’t fit anywhere else.

  • Suppress Startup Notification Bubble – If checked, the tooltip bubble that is displayed with the Cerberus GUI will not be displayed when the GUI is first started.
  • Retrieve Owner/Group information for file listings – Includes the owner and group of each file in responses to the LIST and NLST command. NOTE: This will slow down file listings.

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