Cerberus Version 2024.2.1 is now available:

Version 2024.2.1 contains bug fixes and improvements that will require a manual update. Learn more in our release notes, view our update instructions, or download Version 2024.2.1 here

Powerful, Seamless FTP Server

Engineered for ease of use, security and a robust feature set, Cerberus FTP Server makes turnkey installation and management more accessible than ever.

Animated Server Icon Transferring Files
Compatible with major protocols such as FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP/S, SCP and secure public file sharing.
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Host your FTP Server in the cloud with Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure compatibility.
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Manage your FTP Server with a robust set of management, automation, security and auditing tools.

Reliable, Compliant Security

Cerberus FTP Server delivers advanced security features, compliance and reliability.

Advanced Security Features

Fully customizable security features to ensure safe and secure data transfers.

File Transfer Integrity Checks

SSL Cipher Specification

One-Click Regulatory Compliance

Cerberus is the ideal choice for industries such as healthcare, finance and government that require stringent data security and privacy measures.

Advanced Access Protection

Built For

Windows Server

Compatible With

Amazon Web Service

Compatible With

Microsoft Azure

Intuitive, Flexible Web Based File Transfers

User-friendly public file sharing from your servers, configured for your policies and a robust portal with localization and branding capabilities.

FTP Server with Web Portal Illustration

Customizable FTP Web Portal

Easy to customize web portal hosted on your own domain with the ability to white label by adding your own branding.

Straightforward Localization

Translate your file transfer web portal into any language your organization requires.

Convenient Web Administration

Manage anytime, anywhere with an easy-to-use, responsive web interface and APIs.

User-Friendly Collaboration and Administration

Cerberus FTP Server offers simplified user management, file organization and system resource control.

Easy administration of users, groups, and accounts via integrations with AD/LDAP security groups and fine-grained customization options.
Integrate quickly with existing security groups in AD, LDAP or Okta to flow correct access permissions in seconds.
Full data visibility with transparent reporting. Access detailed audit trails, track transfers and generate customizable reports effortlessly.
Configure time-based, file-based, or user-based automation events to save time, manual work and human errors.
Easily replicate settings throughout your organization for backup, recovery and redundancy.
Use the power of cloud resources with Cerberus FTP Server’s light weight scalability and compatibility with AWS and Azure.

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Uncompromising Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

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Unwavering dedication to security and compliance
Consistent product updates and security patches
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all editions of Cerberus include support?
Yes. Professional and Enterprise edition include phone and email support during US Eastern time business hours, while Enterprise Plus includes 24/7/365 severity 1 support.
Does Cerberus have any connection or data limits?
No. Your license allows you to add as many users and connections and transfer as much data as you like.
Is installing Cerberus easy to do?
Yes! Our quick installation process is streamlined, with only a few simple steps needed to complete your download. For more advanced users, additional configuration options are available during the installation process so you can set up Cerberus the way you want.
What's the best way to prepare my FTP server for disaster recovery?
When purchasing a license for Cerberus FTP Server, you are able to purchase a second non-production license at 50% off. This license, combined with our server replication feature, represents an ideal way to prepare your FTP server for disaster recovery.
Is Cerberus a good cloud-based FTP Server?
Absolutely. We have extensively tested Cerberus FTP Server in AWS and Azure environments, and have prepared a cloud FTP guide to help you understand the setup process.
What's the best way to transfer large files? How about high volumes?
Cerberus FTP Server’s multi-protocol support has you covered. For large file transfer, FTPS is an ideal protocol due to its faster speed. For high volumes, we’ve load-tested our FTP server under volumes well-past the limits of the typical server.
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