Secure Copy Protocol

We made some usability improvements to our SCP implementation.

When a zero length file was uploaded, the file lock wasn’t properly released so the file couldn’t be changed until the session ended. This has been fixed and these files can now be edited, moved, renamed, or deleted.

When using the preserve feature, we have corrected an issue where recursive folders didn’t behave as expected for files and folders in sub-folders. We now provide the timestamp for every file and folder in the request.

For downloading, we have added support for wildcards in the filename portion. We support both the multi-character ‘*’ and single character ‘?’ wildcards. For example:

scp 'user@acme.local:/folder/s*' /tmp/
scp 'user@acme.local:/folder/example?.txt' /tmp/

The first one will download all files starting with the letter ‘s’ from the folder directory. The latter will download text files from the folder directory that start with ‘example’ and have one optional character like example1.txt or exampleY.txt or even just example.txt.

Please note, wildcards are not supported in the folder names or recursive mode, so you can’t download from multiple folders matching a pattern.

Providing stellar customer support is one of our core values. We’re always interested in hearing how you use Cerberus and what we can do to better support your needs. So please, reach out and let us know!


These updates are available now in Cerberus FTP Server Professional and Enterprise editions 12.2.0 and beyond.