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Cerberus FTP Server

Intelligent FTPS Server

Smart FTPS Server Connection Management

Cerberus’s FTP Server’s automated security tools include login and connection requirements by user or protocol, as well as port blocking and automatic account lockouts.

IP Allow and Deny Lists

Prevent DoS and brute force attacks with autoblocking using the IP Manager.

Active Directory FTPS Security Groups

Including Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs).

Cerberus Security Controls
Cerberus FTP Server's Advanced TLS Security Options

Flexible FTPS Server Encryption Options

Cerberus’s FTPS server encryption options meet or exceed global security standards, including TLS-3-enabled encryption support for RSA and DSA as well as file transfer integrity checking using strong checksums based on SHA-512, SHA-256, or SHA-1 cryptographic hashes.

FIPS 120-2 Validated Encryption

Certified to exceed the U.S. government’s data transfer security standard.

Customizable Transport Security Settings

Easily configure TLS, SSL, certificate or key requirements.

Streamlined User Management

Easily create, manage and authenticate FTPS server user accounts from your existing permissions groups, or create your own fine-grained directory access restrictions with Cerberus FTP Server’s User Manager.

AD & LDAP Integration

Seamlessly build users and permissions from your existing directories. Take advantage of Cerberus FTP Server’s flexibility with authentication chaining and custom virtual directories.

Synchronization Manager

Easily replicate all users and settings from a master FTPS server to any number of backup or clustered servers.

Cerberus FTP Server 11 User Manager
2FA Prompt in Cerberus FTP Server

Multi-Layer Authentication

Cerberus offers a number of FTPS server authentication options to ensure your file transfers are protected:

Client Certificate Verification

Configuration options include our OpenSSL command line tool.

SSH2 Public Key Authentication

Available in Cerberus FTP Server Professional Edition and above via the User Manager.

2-Factor Authentication

Using HOTP and DUO Security for both HTTP/S web client and web administration users.

FTPS Server Resources

We pride ourselves on world-class support, starting before you ever purchase a license. You can review some of Cerberus FTP Server’s FTPS server resources here.

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Full Feature List

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Advanced Security

SSH, SSL, FIPS 140-2

MFT Automation

Event, Alert & Sync Tools

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Windows Server, Cloud & Virtual

Access Protection

IP, User & Protocol Restriction Tools

Account Management

AD, LDAP, 2FA, SSO & More

Auditing and Reporting

File Access, User and Admin Logging

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Administration Tools

API, Sync Manager, & Other Tools

HTTPS Web Portal

Browser-Based Transfer from Any Device

Monitoring & Testing

Automated Network, Load and Access Testing

Regulatory Compliance

Auditing, Retention, & Encryption Tools

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Industry-Focused Solutions

Cerberus FTP Server supports a wide range of industry and professional needs. Enhance data security, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with regulations.

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