Automate your most complicated and time consuming tasks

Easy File Transfer Automation

Cerberus FTP Server provides a comprehensive automated file transfer solution that makes managing a high-volume of file transfers easy with a safe, audited system that reduces the need for custom programming to transfer data between systems.

Cerberus FTP Server Event Manager Overview page
Cerberus FTP Server Automated File Transfer Event Manager Icon

Event Rules

Create event rules to automate common file transfer activities – without any coding.

Scheduled Tasks

Run recurring tasks like file report uploads to another server on a regular basis.

Conditional Rules

Select an event type and configure the conditions upon which that rule’s actions trigger.

Scriptable Variables

Include event variables in conditions and actions.

Event Actions

Email a client, create a folder, move, zip, or delete a file, send a file to another server via SFTP or FTPS, or invoke a batch file or PowerShell script in response to a server event.

File Retention Policies & Folder Events

Schedule regular cleanup of folders and files to meet compliance regulations.

File Transfer Event Target

Secure File Transfer Automation

Your company may frequently move hundreds or even thousands of files daily. Basic file transfer tools can be reliable on a small scale, but many companies need a more advanced file transfer solution.

Avoid human error from manual processing, saving hours of lost time. Exchange data with your external trading partners, clients, remote locations, vendors, and stakeholders.  Shedule your transfers using our tasks scheduling system, or immediately respond to server events like an incoming file transfer to automate your workflow.

Create a Document Deletion Policy

Organizations are often required to retain documents for a certain period of time due to compliance, legal, or other regulations. However, retaining documents for longer than required can expose the organization to legal risk.

With a document deletion policy, you can proactively reduce risk by deleting documents in a site after a specific period of time.

File deletion
Cerberus Folder Monitor

Event Rules and Scheduled Tasks

Define Event Triggers

There are many different rule types, each with a specific trigger that determines when the rule fires.

Use Variables

Every event rule or scheduled task has access to event variables.  Some variables, like a timestamp,  are available with any rule.  Other variables, like a filename or file path, are only available with rules where those variable make sense.

Success or Failure?

You can tie multiple actions together, one ofter another, or set specific actions to only execute whenever a prior action failed.

Cerberus FTP Server Event Rule Example

Event Conditions

Determine when you want your rule to run…maybe when a user is a member of a specific group?

Event Actions

Actions are the operations you want carried out whenever a specific rule is triggered.

More Actions

Send an email to one or more recipients, copy a file to a backup location for archival purposes, or send a file to another server inside or outside of your organization.


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