Save clicks and time with this new and efficiency-improving feature – download multiple files and folders by bundling them together in a single downloadable file.

About the new feature

Users have frequently requested a faster way to download multiple files and folders in the HTTP/S web client. In the latest 12.5 version of Cerberus FTP Server, we’ve added a fast way to zip up and download your files all in one go.  Using this new “Download as Zip” context menu option, users have a much easier time downloading multiple files and folders at once.

How to use new “Zip and Download” feature

Building off of the option to create and download a zip file, this feature acts as if the zip dialog was clicked while setting the “Do not save zip file on server” checkbox.

Web Client Zip Dialog with optional zip settings

Original Web Client Zip Dialog

Now after selecting files, the user can right click to open the context menu, and have their selections “Download as Zip.” When selecting a single file, the user can right click to immediately “Download” the file.  

So with a click…

and a short wait for server processing…

A new archive of your selected files will be downloaded to your browser’s downloads directory. Users now have an easy way to download an entire folder of files at once instead of needing to manually download every file individually.


This is a new UI improvement now available in Web Client in Cerberus FTP Server 12.5 Enterprise edition. To learn more about all of the new features in Cerberus FTP Server 12.0, check out our release notes here.