Starting with version 12.10, Cerberus FTP supports improved user permission management:  permissions for files and folders can be set independently from one another.

About the New Feature

Starting in version 12.10, we’ve enhanced our original folder permission feature, and reorganized how admins manage virtual directory permissions in the UI.  Administrators can now allow or deny a user the permissions to delete list and rename independently specifying if this applies to files or folders.

Updated Administrator UI

Virtual Directory Management Dialog

As an admin modifies or creates a virtual directory from the User Manager / User / {selected user} / Virtual Directories or the User Manager / Groups / {selected group} / Virtual Directories tabs, we’ve taken the original List, Rename, and Delete permissions from before and split them into a File and Folder permission.

These new permissions are visible in the Virtual Directories tab with the older permission followed by an “F” for file or “D” for directory permissions. The permissions are explained in detail from the legend button on the toolbar.

Virtual Directories Tab
Virtual Directory Permissions Legend

User Experience

There are no changes to how users interact with their accounts.  All of the permission changes are done through the administrator UI and invisible to the end user.

Security Impact

The new, more granular permission control allows administrators to manage their files while maintaining their directory structure.  This can help reduce IT workload, allowing users increased, governed autonomy for file and folder operations. Furthermore, this additional degree of granularity for separating both files and folders means users aren’t being granted permissions that they don’t need and increases data security (i.e. better support for Principle of Least Privilege).


Release 12.10 of Cerberus FTP introduces an independent directory and file level permissions management. Administrators now have a way to restrict files and folder permissions independently from one another for users in their system.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us and give us feedback on your Cerberus FTP Server experience.