We are excited to announce Version 13.2, the latest update for Cerberus FTP Server! There are two features included in this release centered around improving security and expanding integrations for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans. See full release notes here.

One-Time Password (OTP) for Public Shares

You can now share more easily and more securely with the new one-time password (OTP) for on-demand public shares. For Cerberus’ government and compliance-bound users, the ability to use OTP is aligned with the latest NIST guidelines around Zero Trust Approach (ZTA), ensuring the identity of the file recipient while still giving you an easy, uncomplicated way to share with external partners.

Okta SSO Support

You can now sign on to Cerberus FTP using Okta single sign-on (SSO), allowing you to leverage your existing SSO infrastructure fully. This integration helps ensure your files are only accessible by a verified identity. 

Additionally, for those who use a multi-tiered SSO setup, this Okta integration enables you to use both Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) and Okta for SSO purposes, allowing you to have distinct, separate SSO environments for differing user populations. 

We hope you enjoy the newest features of Cerberus FTP Server Version 13.2, keeping you secure yet flexible in your file sharing. We look forward to delivering more features and capabilities in 2024!