Bienvenidos! お疲つかれ様さまです! Bonjour! Welcome to another edition in a series of blog posts showcasing changes to the Cerberus FTP Server Version 12! 

We’d like to showcase the recent overhaul of the Cerberus HTTP/S web client’s translations available in our Enterprise Edition. In Version 12, our team has given new translation tags to every string your end users may encounter, from the UI elements to the message notifications they receive. We’ve made corrections to the date/time presentation of the UI and modified how languages are loaded “under the hood.” Now, you can easily present a fully immersive linguistic experience to your end users with the new localization updates.  

Cerberus FTP Server Admin Localization Header

This experience can all be easily managed from the “Localization” page by remote administrators granted the “Localization” permissions.

Specialized HTML login message settings

One of the requested improvements we’ve included in the version 12 web client is the ability to use HTML when customizing the Web Client login page.  Additionally, the login page for password-protected public shares can also be customized separately. This feature allows you to set a customized welcome message and choose to include images and require acknowledgement of web links to terms and conditions. To display custom welcome messages, we’ve split off the welcome message from the general server settings and created translation tags corresponding to the web client log-in screens.

Cerberus FTP Server Listener Checkbox Settings
Cerberus FTP Server Listener Checkbox Settings

To set up custom welcome messages, you will need to enable check boxes on the specific HTTP/S listener your end users use to access the web client.  Once set, “Show Welcome Message” will present an expanded graphic on the normal login page.  If the “Require Welcome Acknowledgement” is checked, any users accessing the web-client will be presented with a checkbox that will prevent the user from continuing until checked.

In previous (and the default) versions, the welcome message is shared between all interfaces, both FTP and HTTP, and is required to be in English only due to protocol limitations. To set this in prior versions, you’d navigate to the “Server Manager” -> “Messages” screen under “Welcome Message.” The result is in the default web client login screen in the screenshot above.

Specialized HTML Login Message Translation

With version 12 of Cerberus FTP Server, you may choose to present a different message in whichever language your end-user’s browser has enabled. On the “Localization” page, select the language you’re translating. There are four language tags that control what your end-users see when they log in. Replacing the “Welcome to Cerberus FTP Server” message involves adding a translation of “L_LOGIN_HTML_WELCOME_MESSAGE.” By default, this string is empty to use the “Messages” welcome message. However, once filled with your own html formatted text, your message will display on the web-client login page. The checkbox message has its own translation tag, the “L_LOGIN_WELCOME_ACKNOWLEDGEMENT” tag. Together, these tags control what your user sees once the Listener checkbox is set to show the welcome message.

Cerberus FTP Server Localization Page Welcome Message Tags
Cerberus FTP Server Localization Page Welcome Message Tags

The public password login screen serves a similar function for your non-user account web shared files and folders. This allows a different set of EULAs on your non-account users, and a different welcoming message to users who are accessing the password protected public share.  This can be done by setting the “L_PUBLIC_LOGIN_HTML_WELCOME_MESSAGE”. In total, there are four tags controlling your html login experience, two each for standard web-client users, and two for public logins.

Cerberus FTP Server Web Client Login Page
Cerberus FTP Server Web Client Login Page
Cerberus FTP Server Public Share Password Access Page
Cerberus FTP Server Public Share Password Access Page

Security Setting

One final word of warning on allowing html into your translations.  If a translation manages to get corrupted and present a hyperlink to a malicious site, your end-user will rightfully have security concerns. Cerberus FTP has the ability to turn off all html encoding in its translations if you know that you are not using this HTML UI feature. On the “Localization” page, simply set the “Force Localization Messages to text only” and update your settings. Your messages will be html escaped  (with the exceptions of <b>, <em>, <i>, <br> (not <br/>), and <wbr>), and you will be notified if any of your messages did use html and which of these translation tags need to be updated.

Cerberus FTP Server Localization Page Settings for the "Force Localization Message to test only" option.
Cerberus FTP Server Admin Localization Page Settings


These are just some of the new features that are now available in Web Client in Cerberus FTP Server 12.0 Enterprise edition.  To learn more about all of the new features in Cerberus FTP Server 12.0, check out our release notes here.  If you have any feedback on this feature, please feel free to let us know below.