There have been a few changes to the Cerberus SOAP API with version 12.0 that developers should be aware of. As always, we strive to keep the API backward-compatible, but it is not always possible as new functionality is added to Cerberus FTP Server.

Public Share Changes

The SharePublicFile operation allows you to create a public share on behalf of an end-user. Public shares have been updated with new functionality in version 12, so these enhancements are reflected in the SharePublicFile operation.

  • hiddenUploads

    Public shares now support a “hidden upload” mode, where many users may upload files and folders using a single link, but uploaded files are isolated and hidden from individual users. This kind of upload facility is sometimes called “blind upload”.
    Setting hiddenUploads to true enables this mode when creating the share.
  • notificationList

    We are enhancing how users may be notified when uploads and downloads happen on their public shares. notificationList may attach multiple notifications to a public share and includes richer options for controlling when and how frequently notification emails are sent.
  • shareNotifyOnDownload and shareNotifyRecipient

    These options are deprecated, but retained for backward-compatibility. When used, they attach a one-time notification email, triggered by the first upload or download on the share.
    If possible, avoid these options and use the notificationList instead.

Admin Account Changes

GetAdminCustomSettings and SetAdminCustomSettings are new SOAP operations that manage 2FA and user settings for directory-based administrators.

GetAdminAccounts and SetAdminAccounts are existing SOAP operations used to manage administrative access. These operations have been changed. Code using these operations must be updated to use the new API.

With the addition of directory-based administrators, these operations required changes to support both native admin accounts and directory-based admin accounts.

  • admins changed to adminConfigs and is now an AdminConfigList
  • AdminConfigList is a list of many NativeAdminByName or DirectoryAdminByDn objects

Interface/Listener Changes

InterfaceOpts object has four new boolean flags. Any code creating or modifying interfaces may need to be updated to include these flags.

  • hideAccountSettings
    Controls whether the Settings section appears for end-users on this interface
  • zipOperationDownloadOnly
    Setting this flag to true forces all zip operations to be downloaded to the end-user, preventing them from being saved on the server filesystem.
  • HSTSIncludeSubdomains and HSTSPreload
    These options modify the HTTP Strict Transport Security headers sent by HTTPS listeners when useHSTS is set to true.

Interface object’s type attribute is changed from an unsignedInt to the ListenerType enumeration.