We’ve made the decision to retire the 32-bit version of Cerberus FTP Server. Version 11 will be the last 32-bit version available, and while we will continue supporting its 32-bit version for at least the next 12 months, our future releases in Version 12 and above will only be offered in 64-bit versions.

Why Are We Making This Change?

Although the majority of customers are already using our 64-bit version, we encourage all 32-bit users to migrate to Cerberus FTP Server’s 64-bit version due to improved security provided by the 64-bit version of Windows. This version’s features include:  

  • Address Space Layout Randomization
  • Kernel Patch Protection
  • Data Execution Protection

Questions About Migrating to 64-Bit?

We hope that this announcement will provide ample time to migrate to the 64-bit build. If you have questions about doing so, we encourage you to contact support.

To learn more about all the current and upcoming updates and version releases, check out our release notes here.