Welcome to one in a series of blog posts showcasing the features and improvements in Cerberus FTP Server Version 12!  In this article we would like to bring your attention to the streamlining we’ve done for the file uploads experience in the web client available in Cerberus FTP Server’s Enterprise Edition. With three new web client account settings, we’ve given a way to customize and reduce your end-user’s manual upload interaction.

Auto upload settings on the web client file upload control.
Cerberus FTP Server Web Client Checked Auto Upload settings

The new file (and folder) upload workflow:

  1. Select your file by clicking on the “Add File” button. (or folder via the Add Folder button)
  2. Using our file explorer window, select the file you wish to upload.
  3. Done!

We’ve updated the UI on the file upload toolbar to make it more clear that you’re adding a file or a folder to your file server.  We’ve modified the upload & clear buttons to show when the new features are in place to customize your interactions.

Streamlined File Uploads

On the web client’s account page, the three new upload check boxes referenced are:

  • “Auto Upload Selected Files” control
  • “Auto Clear Successful Uploads” control
  • Display option “Preview Files Before Upload” 

We suggest that you check the auto options, and disable the preview option.  With these configured, Cerberus Web Client will no longer attempt to confirm that you intended to upload your selected files.  The UI will still update you on your upload progress, but will automatically begin to transfer the file to the server and clear away success notification toasts when it’s done. The experience of uploading a folder of files is now reduced to simply selecting the folder, and then watching as upload progress bars fly by!

Cerberus FTP Server Web Client File Upload Auto Upload Options Settings
Cerberus FTP Server Web Client File Upload Auto Upload Options Settings

Previewing File Uploads

If you suspect that you need to be more selective on which files in a folder to upload, such as only putting up the first 5 images in a folder of 20, simply uncheck the “Auto Upload Selected Files” option on the account page.  This will present the familiar upload confirmation row from previous versions and allow you to upload your specific files out of the presented list.  If needing to choose between many files is slowing down your system, you can speed up your web client by disabling the “Preview Files Before Upload” checkbox on your account page which will stop your browser from attempting to render a preview image of your file.  This works hand in hand with the “Auto Upload Selected Files” feature, and will be always set when files are automatically uploaded.

File Upload Notification

If you’d rather walk away from a batch upload and come back with a list of notifications as to which files were uploaded, uncheck the “Auto Clear Successful Uploads” option on the account page.  By doing so, you’ll keep the original confirmation toast box for every uploaded file.

One-Time Selection Changes

An end-user has the option of temporarily setting their auto options on their home screen.  As seen in the image below, clicking the circled checkbox buttons next to the corresponding setting will allow them to control the AutoClear and AutoUpload functionality on the fly without changing their default account settings. The buttons toggle between the original buttons of “Start Upload” and “Clear” in the image below, to the streamlined toolbar presented at the top of the blog post with “Auto Upload” and “Auto Clear.”  This lets you selectively disable the auto options for special cases without needing to navigate away from your home screen.

Cerberus FTP Server Web Client File Upload Auto Upload Options Settings
Cerberus FTP Server Web Client File Upload Auto Upload Options Settings


These are just some of the new features that are now available in Web Client in Cerberus FTP Server 12.0 Enterprise edition.  To learn more about all of the new features in Cerberus FTP Server 12.0, check out our release notes here. Cerberus has introduced these options to allow your end users to better customize their workflow to suit their needs. As always, we’re eager for you to give this a try and tell us what you think below.