Advanced user management, encryption enhancements and broadened automation workflows make the leading secure file transfer solution even easier to use and more powerful

FRISCO, TX – April 12, 2023Redwood Software, the industry leader in full stack automation and secure file transfer, today announced a new release of Cerberus FTP Server. Easy to install and administer, Cerberus FTP Server is the reliable secure file transfer solution trusted by more than 6,000 organizations globally, delivering advanced security and compliance controls, and offering premier customer support 24×365.

The latest version of Cerberus FTP Server provides new features that further support an organization’s ability to quickly get up and running with a simple to use, reliable and secure file transfer solution. With Cerberus FTP Server 13, customers will benefit from a range of widely-requested advancements:

  • Azure Active Directory SAML SSO Support – seamless user authentication reduces IT overhead by allowing users to sign in once and establish trust, removing the need to identify for every subsequent application attempt.
  • Folder Automation Events – monitor and trigger events based on changes within a folder.
  • Extension Management Allow / Deny List – extra flexibility and security for customers wanting to block or accept specific file types.
  • Improved Geoblocking – filter unwanted and malicious traffic based on the country the connection originates from.
  • OpenSSL 3 and TLS 1.3 – support for the most current protocols delivers an additional layer of security and governance.

Cerberus FTP Server 13 also introduces a new service level – Enterprise Plus –  that builds on Redwood’s world-class global customer support team and technologies. Enterprise Plus includes Cerberus’ first 24×365 support offering for severity 1 issues, rogue transfer detection, performance testing and automated network scanning, as well as version upgrade planning and remote consultation. Enterprise Plus is built to satisfy the needs of Cerberus FTP Server customers with the most mission-critical performance and support requirements.

“Investing in innovation was a top priority after Redwood acquired Cerberus at the beginning of this year, and Cerberus FTP Server 13 is the first step in bringing our vision to life,” said Redwood General Manager, MFT Max Schultz. “Under the microscope by GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and a growing fabric of other data privacy regulations, IT teams need an easy to use, reliable and secure way to transfer files within and around their business ecosystems. Our customers rely on Cerberus FTP Server for this mission-critical task, and we’re excited to announce the broad improvements that Version 13 will bring to our customers’ security stance, automated workflows and user experience.”

Thousands of organizations rely on Cerberus FTP Server for their secure file transfer needs. To try a fully functional trial of Cerberus FTP Server 13 free for 25 days, visit

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