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The future of managed file transfer

Analysts expect the managed file transfer (MFT) market to grow by nearly 10 times in the next few years. That level of growth is frankly astonishing, and reflects forecasts that organizations will generate increasing data volumes as they transact more business in the...

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Using 2FA with SSH SFTP/SCP

This article serves as an extension to the article SFTP Two-Factor Authentication | Cerberus FTP Server. The configuration settings for 2FA with SSH SFTP/SCP as outlined in the aforementioned article, pertain to Cerberus version 2024.1. However, Cerberus FTP Server...

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Introducing 2FA in Account Reports

At Cerberus, we’re always striving for more improvements, which is why we are excited to announce a new feature designed to show which user has two-factor authentication (or 2FA) enabled or disabled on the Account Report page. What it does: With this new enhancement,...

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Cerberus Version 2024.2 now available

Your file transfers just got easier – and more secure – with Cerberus Version 2024.2. Learn more about the newest features available for all editions and download the latest update today.Automation support for ‘wild card’ filesAutomating your file transfers is a great...

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What is Managed File Transfer (MFT)?

By some estimates, 463 exabytes of data are created every day. That’s a lot of information for the world’s organizations to manage, and as they exchange ever-growing amounts of data at increasing frequencies, it can be hard for manual file transfer tools to keep up....

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Every file transfer protocol: Explained

You’re likely familiar with the most common file transfer protocols: FTP/S, SFTP and HTTP/S. However, a number of other communication protocols for file transfer exist. This blog aims to help you understand more about the larger world of file transfer protocols so you...

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