Release Notes

The release notes for every official version of Cerberus FTP Server. If you need any help setting up Cerberus FTP Server you can browse our online support resources.

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Version Official release notes --
  • Fixed "Disable after X failed login attempts" not working for accounts that were part of a group
  • UI will properly reflect password change permissions for a user when that user is a member of a group
  • HTTP/S web client will no longer prompt users with the expired password change dialog if they don't have permission to change their password
  • Modified HTTP/S cache-control mechanism for user file downloads to ensure no user file caching
  • Added sort-by-group to the User Manager's users list
  • Do not attempt to shutdown a client-disconnected socket if the connection terminates abnormally
  • Updated OpenSSL library to address the recent OpenSSL TLS heartbeat vulnerability referenced by CVE-2014-0160
Version 6.0.7 Official release notes --
  • Fixed a non-public security vulnerability that could allow authenticated users to gain access to unathorized files on the server machine through the HTTP/S web client
  • Fixed an HTTP/S web client session timeout during long file uploads
  • Fixed a bug that could result in a server crash when FTPS connections timed-out
  • Cloned user accounts no longer copy last login times from cloned account
  • Significantly increased the HTTP/S buffer size for sending files
  • Increased the default socket send/receive size and made it configurable
Version Official release notes --
  • Fixed several memory leaks
Version Official release notes --
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1f
  • Workaround for mobile Safari video upload bug in web client
Version Official release notes --
  • Added a parent directory event variable for file transfer events
  • Event Manager rules sorting added to Rules page
  • Event Manager condition selection now populates the editing boxes
  • Event Manager Add/Edit event button on the Rules page now selects the highlighted event on the Edit page
  • Logging package update
  • Minor bug fixes
Version Official release notes --
  • Fixed a bug could result in a UI crash when approving an account with email notification enabled
  • Fixed a bug in event regular expression evaluation that could result in a match for invalid regular expressions
Version Official release notes --
  • Fixed a bug that could allow an SFTP file transfer ended event to be sent before the file handle closed
  • SMTP STARTTLS fix for some servers that require a new EHLO after the connection is upgraded to encryption
  • Account requests now include the request date
  • Fixed a bug that could result in the synchronization manager not recognizing unique license keys on other machines
Version Official release notes --
  • Fix for Active Directory names with special characters
  • Fix for MLST FTP command for directory listings
  • Improved FTP RETR error message for when a file does not exist, cannot be accessed, or is actually a directory
Version Official release notes --
  • Added a Public Share page to the User Manager to allow revoking and monitoring user public shares
  • Added an option to specify which SMTP server public file sharing should use
  • Added an option to always use the SMTP server authentication email address for all public sharing emails
  • Automatically reset max connections and re-enable listeners when an expired trial is licensed
  • Report Manager can now handle queries on just a date from or date to. Previously could only handle date range, or no date.
  • Added password last changed date to the Login report in the Report Manager
  • Fixed a problem with filenames with spaces getting truncated in Firefox when using the download button in the web client
  • Statistics reports and public file sharing emails now report byte sizes in more human readable formats
Version Official release notes --
  • Added AES CTR ciphers for SSH2
  • Added an option to change the root system logger level from the UI
  • Added an option on the policy page to force always using the UPN name for AD user home directory names
  • Event system performance improvements
  • Fixed an event variable email substitution bug that resulted in email to names and emails not being scanned for variables
Version Official release notes --
  • Changes to allow AD authentication against read-only domain controllers for perimeter network deployments
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in displaying only the first 25 AD or LDAP accounts in the GUI, even when Show All Accounts was checked
  • Fixed a bug in the HTTP/S web client that would result in javascript errors when a user had no virtual directories assigned to their account
Version Official release notes --
  • Added a new backup server synchronization manager
  • Added auto-complete for AD user and Cerberus group selection in the web admin AD and LDAP pages
  • Added ability to create AD group to Cerberus group mappings in the web admin AD page
  • Updated the event manager with a dedicated button and dialog for adding new rules
  • Added a backup server synchronized event rule
  • Added "does not contain" as an operation for rule filters
  • Updated web administration with limited event rule editing
  • Added online help links to almost all dialogs
  • New fault tolerance features for ensuring XML configuration files will never be left in a partially written state because of an application failure
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in failed public key authentication in some instances when a user was a member of a group that used public key authentication
  • Minor UI bug fixes and improvements
Version Official release notes --
  • Added auto-create directory paths with %USER% variable option in the Policy page
  • Added an "is a directory" variable to file rename, move, and delete events
  • Compatibility improvements to the SOAP API DeleteGroup call
  • Improved context help in dialogs
  • Improved AD user search for when AD authentication domain specified is in another forest than the server
  • Fixed a bug where SSL became uninitalized when a new license was applied, or the server was restarted from the file menu
Version Official release notes --
  • Added address book for HTTP/S web client users
  • Added public folder sharing through the HTTP/S web client
  • Public file sharing emails can now have multiple recipients
  • Optimzed HTTP/s web client by reducing script and image files
  • Fixed zip archives do not properly handle file names with non-ASCII characters
  • Added log threshold to Syslog logger
  • Enhancements to MDTM path checking to more accurately detect getting or setting mode
  • Enhancements to email notification
  • Event manager usability improvements
  • Changed the default SOAP/HTTP web administration port to 10001 for new installations
  • Ensure most recent settings are saved to disk before a backup
  • Additional database setup error detection
  • Enhancements to SFTP rename/move to allow renames/moves across volumes, handle very large file paths, and to support overwrite renames
Version Official release notes --
  • Added full UPN support for AD authentication
  • Added password changing for LDAP users
  • Added an account disable option for users that haven't logged in within a certain number of days
  • Added a %USER% variable that can be used in virtual directory names and paths for users and groups
  • Added an option to automatically create directories when approving a new account request
  • Improved logic for detecting whether the data connection was gracefully closed at the end of an FTP STOR command
  • Added a timer to ensure HTTP/S sessions are cleaned up and closed when they timeout
  • Added support for the X-Frame-Options DENY header for HTTP/S web client page responses
  • Added an advanced option to allow setting the temporary folder used for HTTP/S web client uploads
  • Added an advanced option to specify the default share time (in hours) for publicly shared files
  • Added an option to allow user to specify a password for publicly shared files
  • Added two events for when a public file is shared, and when a public file is downloaded
  • Added bytes transferred information to the log for files uploaded and downloaded
  • Added tracking information to see when a public file is downloaded
  • Fixed a bug that could result in an error for valid LDAP search filters
  • Fixed an HTTP/S web client upload bug for uploading to non-ASCII directory paths
  • Newly created Microsoft databases will now store Unicode text properly for statistics and reporting
Version Official release notes --
  • Added a note field for IP access items in the IP Manager
  • Added username to all FTP/S and SSH SFTP client command log messages to match HTTP/S auditing
  • Improved CSV importing, including support for CSVs exported from third party servers
  • Improved auto-updater to allow more selective auto-updating
  • Cleaner web administration pages and additional error checking
  • Added ability to change several new settings through web administration
  • Added a local file and directory selector for file path settings in web administration
  • Fixed an issue where the FTP MLST command would fail on files on a network share
  • Fixed a bug related to how auto-blocking works with whitelist mode
Version Official release notes --
  • Fixed telephone number wasn't included with account request notification
  • Fixed email server selection for account approval in the web client was ignored
  • Fixed setting for modifying hidden directory attribute on virtual directories would not save
  • Added HTTP POST event target configuration capability to web admin
  • Added public sharing as a permission option for virtual directories in the web admin
  • Fixed inconsistent virtual directory permission selection behavior in the web admin
  • Improvements to adding and removing LDAP and AD configurations in the web admin
  • Fixed "Password Never Expires" setting ignored when adding new accounts
  • CSV import now supports setting max logins, max upload filesize, and initial directory for a new user account
Version Official release notes --
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Update the SOAP API
Version 6.0 Official release notes --
  • Upgraded FIPS OpenSSL to 1.0.1 with TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 support
  • Added advanced statistics collection and a new Report Manager
  • Added public file sharing to the web client
  • Updated web client upload control
  • Users and groups can now have whitelist IP ranges
  • AD groups can now be mapped to Cerberus groups for assigning virtual directories
  • Configurable timeout support for HTTP/S web client sessions
  • Zip and unzip file operation actions for event actions
  • HTTP POST operation event action to allow posting event information to a URL
  • More variables for events
  • Added variable substitution to event email recipient name and email address fields
  • Added ability to customize email subjects on event emails, including variable substitution in subjects
  • Added ability to set disable after time for users and groups through web administration
  • Updated, easier to use AD and LDAP admin pages
  • Access to advanced security settings from the Settings page
  • Access AD and LDAP user attributes like name and email address for events
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